Tired of low interest rates from your ISA?

Kick start with competitive interest rates

Best ISA Rates are helping savers beat their current interest rates by working closely with companies that are offering more competitive interest rates.

How Best ISA Rates Works

  • Identify the ISA option that is of your interest.
  • Fill in the form and request a call-back or contact us.
  • We will match and align you in contact with suitable businesses.

Fill in the form and get a Callback from expert

(eg: £20,000)

Some of our options are:

Uk Property ISA- 8%

Consumer Lending ISA – 5.3%

Green Energy ISA- 7.5%

SME Business loan ISA – 4-6%


What is Best ISA Rates UK?

We are the Uk’s most trusted ISA comparison website helping savers identify the best interest rates for their money.

What can we do for you?

It’s simple, we do all the hard work for you by doing the research on reputable companies offering the best interest rates. After doing our own due diligence on the company and their previous track history we then put them in contact with you.

We do not offer financial advice and we are not regulated by the FCA. Customers are advised to speak to a professional financial advisor that is authorized to give financial advice.


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There are 4 types of ISA:

  • Cash ISAs
  • Stocks and shares ISAs
  • Innovative finance ISAs
  • Lifetime ISAs

Put money into one of each kind of ISA each tax year. You can have more than one ISA at a time

Who is eligible having an ISA

  • 16 or over for a cash ISA
  • 18 or over for a stocks and shares or innovative finance ISA
  • 18 or over but under 40 for a Lifetime ISA

You must also be either:

  • Resident in the UK
  • A Crown servant (for example diplomatic or overseas civil service) or their spouse or civil partner if you do not live in the UK
  • ISA can be held only at your name and cannot be held for anyone else.